Policy Goes Plaid with Ben White, R&D @ Plaid


Hello friends, our guest this week is Ben White. Ben works on “Policy R&D” at Plaid. You may have heard of them.

What’s “Policy R&D” you ask? Don’t worry, we get into it. If you want to see their work in action, here are Plaid’s comments to the CFPB on Dodd-Frank 1033.

We also discuss:

  • Ben’s backstory and how his life story informs his current work at Plaid.

  • Why policy matters in fintech and how it impacts us all. Especially, that open banking thing we all like to bring up.

  • The work Plaid is doing in policy and how they’re working to support founders at an early stage.

As an interesting little aside, we touched on Plaid’s newly announced incubator; FinRise. Here’s the TechCrunch article on FinRise.

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Until next time, Fintech Friends…