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I’m writing with some news. Not “some personal news,” but more so some news about the news. Meta enough for ya?

Lindsay Davis, Head of Markets @ Atomic, has joined me the past couple weeks to cover the fintech news de jour. Follow her on the tweeter here.

This week we covered the fast and furious fundraising announcements in the Gen-Z Neobanking space. Casual half a billion plowed into three companies within a couple days. Much to discuss!

Here’s this week’s episode: Spotify + Apple

Lindsay penned a great synopsis here. I added some of the key fast funding facts that Lindsay put together here as well:

Fast Funding Facts:


  • Round: $220 million Series D 

  • Valuation: $2.2 billion

  • Traction: 3 million active users 

  • Target Demographic: Initially launched targeting Gen Z, however, has moved upmarket to serve millennial and mass-market consumers

  • Total Funding: $400 million 

  • SourceCurrent press release


  • Round: $260 million Series D 

  • Valuation: $2.3 billion

  • Traction: 3 million parents and kids on the platform 

  • Target Demographic: Families with kids under 18 years old

  • Total Funding: $550 million

  • SourceGreenlight press release


  • Round: $100 million Series C

  • Valuation: Undisclosed

  • Traction: 1.5 user accounts

  • Target Demographic: kids under 18 years old. Step has raised 

  • Total Funding: $175 million 

  • Sources: Tech Crunch and Step

If you want to go back in time, you can also take a listen to our first News episode that we released last week! Here are the Spotify + Apple podcast links.

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