🎙️ Eke Urum, Founder & CEO @ Rise Vest - African Fintech Episode #1

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Good Morrow Fintech Fam,

My guest this week is Eke Urum, Founder & CEO at Rise. Rise is a Nigerian based startup that connects users to US investments that earn returns in dollars. Folks can get started with a minimum of $10.

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Eke and I first met when I was mentoring for the techstars western union program. I couldn’t believe the growth trajectory he had on such a simple product, but it was clearly solving a problem. A big one at that.

The hyperinflation (at least 15%) and corruption in the market are rampant so folks are dying for somewhere to park their dollars without fearing value loss.

As Americans, we rarely consider the problems that emerging economies are feeling. I learned a lot from Eke and he has me fascinated by African Fintech. 

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